Hello World!


Hello! Welcome to my blog and website. Just over a year ago I got my introduction to hacking/infosec/cybersecurity and the amazing people of that community when I attended Circle City Con for the first time. Since then I have had a strong desire to get my first security role and to be a part of the infosec community. During this time I've seen so many people who help this community by publishing content, giving talks and mentoring. I had this thought that maybe one day I might be a good enough cybersecurity professional to be able to give back and help others.

I've changed my mind. I realized that I already have a lot to offer already. So I'm going to be the newbie who helps other newbies. I have a lot of experiences now I could share and talk about. Before covid-19 I was going to meet ups and presentations. I had plans to go to conferences but most were cancelled or went virtual. I've taken online courses. I've been watching webinars. I network with many tech professionals. I have done a lot of leveling up and I'm going to share those experiences with you.

I'm still experimenting with the best methods for creating content. For now I'm starting with this blog and twitch. I plan to create content around ways to learn a new skill, my experiences in my career or at events, cool things I find online and anything else that I think will help me level up as a security professional. Join me on Twitter and twitch and we can level up together.